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PRODECO M-0 Zerhacker

9.890,- Euro


PRODECO  M-0 chopper, new machine, CE Sign, exhaust port Ø = 100 mm, engine 5,5 kw, hydraulic slide gate, 12+2 knifes, 50 - 120 kg/h at 70 - 80 db(A) depending on material, control with control desk, filling-port 760 x 570 mm, noise protection hood, interchangeable screen with different hole sizes, machine needs very less space lenght 1.250 mm x depth 900 mm x height 1.450, weight 600 kg, list price is 12.000,- Euro

ca. 4 weeks delivery time from factory in italy

PRODECO M-0 Zerhacker

höchsmann maschinen  contact - how to get there - 06103-9744-0