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MORBIDELLI Author M400 Rapid16 CNC Bearbeitungszentrum

134.890,- Euro


MORBIDELLI  CNC work center, type author M 400 Rapid 16, new machine, CE Sign,  HF milling spindle 12 kW HSK 5 axis prism - KT main spindle (especially large and high torque range) 1,500 to 20,000 rpm with preparation for liquid cooling of the electrospindle, automatic 16x tool changer R16 - up to 16 tools with max. 80 mm or alternately 8 tools up to max. 160 mm, laser device for suction cup positioning, tool length measuring unit, F26L2 drilling unit with 14 + 8 + 4 spindles (14 independent vertical spindles - 8 right and 6 left, 6 double horizontal heads - 4 in X and 2 in Y, 10 mm holder, 32 distance) , integrated saw blade in X + Y direction up to 160 mm diameter, working range X, Y, Z = 3,650 x 1,685 x 210 mm, 6 "TV-FLEX" traverses with tubeless vacuum cups and digital vacuum monitoring, 12 fixed suction cups and 6 rotatable suction cups, 2 Vacuum fields wih 250 m3 vacuum pump upgrade, 4 pneumatic positioning aids, foot switch, special connections, vacuum connections for mechanical solid wood clamping cylinders, 3 rows of stops with stops retractable in the trusses, connections for overfurned parts, controlled central suction connection, central lubrication for the CNC, air conditioning for the Control cabinet, chip conveyor, bumper safety systems, HSK tool set (as a option), TEC PAD - Remote Control Panel with 7 "touch screen, HP Office PC terminal with TFT flat screen, Windows 7, Xilog Plus and newest Maestro software (DXF import), additional hardware key for Xilog Maestro (dongle), factory new price was 176.000 Euro

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MORBIDELLI Author M400 Rapid16 CNC Bearbeitungszentrum

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