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SCM Record 121 S CNC Bearbeitungszentrum

19.890,- Euro


SCM  CNC workcenter, type record 121, built in 2002, CE-Sign, 1 HF milling spindle 7.5 kW HSK 63F with 900 - 18,000 rpm, 12-station tool changer, drill head with 9 spindles consisting of 4 independent vertical spindles and 5 independent horizontal spindles, 2.2 kW grooving unit / saw unit swiveling in X and Y with 6,000 rpm, PC control with software, table size 2,600 x 1,080 mm, axis range X, Y, Z = 2,850 x 1,600 x 300 mm, aluminum slot table with two-circuit vacuum clamping system for pendulum machining, bumper safety system, 260 m³ vacuum pump with silencer, 150 mm Central suction connection, overhauled condition, formerly new price approx. 112,500 Euro

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SCM Record 121 S CNC Bearbeitungszentrum

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